Official trailer for "A Kind Of Existence - The Gabrielles Wish Story"

08 Jan 2016

"A Kind Of Existence - The Gabrielles Wish Story" has been completed and will be out on DVD soon. First the film is expected to play in several festivals and we'll announce that information as and when we know it.
In the meantime we hope you enjoy this teaster trailer featuring Peter Hook, John Copper Clarke, Robert King and many more.

More releases by Robert Paul Corless

03 Jan 2016
Robert Paul Corless has released an album and several singles on Eromeda Records.
After some singles closed 2015, the album Volume Three opened 2016, and Volume Four is about to come.
Here are the detailed new releases:

Volume Three
BandCamp: MP3 or FLAC £9.99
iTunes: M4A £7.99

Untitled (non-album single and B side)
BandCamp: MP3 or FLAC only £0.99!
iTunes: M4A £1.58

The Forest (non-album single and B side)
BandCamp: MP3 or FLAC only £0.90!
iTunes: M4A £1.58

Everything Established (with exclusive B side)
BandCamp: MP3 or FLAC only £0.90!
iTunes: M4A £1.58

Solitude After They Left (with exclusive B side)
BandCamp: MP3 or FLAC only £0.90!
iTunes: M4A £1.58

Attachment Theory (with exclusive B side)
BandCamp: MP3 or FLAC only £0.90!
iTunes: M4A £1.58

Crime You Did (with exclusive B side)
BandCamp: MP3 or FLAC only £0.90!
iTunes: M4A £1.58

His previous releases are now also available on BandCamp in MP3 and FLAC at low prices. Here's a video of Zero Tolerance For The Lie, from the debut album Volume One.

New free exclusive EP for BandCamp subscribers!

14 Nov 2015
A new free exclusive EP is available for BandCamp subscribers.
A Portal Tour 2003 includes seven tracks recorded live, including fans favourite Blue Skies, tracks from the first two EPs and Member which would have been released two years later.

Gabrielles Wish live at the Manchester Star and Garter

06 Nov 2015
Gabrielles Wish are going to play at The Star and Garter in Manchester on Thursday November 26th, supported by Dead Objectives. The venue is in 18-20 Fairfield Street.

New album Hypnagogic out now!

05 Nov 2015
Hypnagogic, the long awaited new album by Gabrielles Wish, is now available on stores like these:
BANDCAMP: download different formats like MP3 or FLAC from only £4.99!!!
Bandcamp Subscription: The album is included with eight singles and an exclusive EP for only £5 a year!!!
Google Play: MP3 €11.99
7digital: MP3 or FLAC £13.86
iTunes: M4A $9.99

New releases by Robert Paul Corless

04 Nov 2015
Robert Paul Corless, leader of Gabrielles Wish, has released on Eromeda Records some solo recordings in a matter of weeks:

The debut album, the self titled Robert Paul Corless.
Google Play: MP3 €7.92
7digital: MP3 or FLAC £7.92
iTunes: M4A £7.99

The second album, Volume Two.
Google Play: MP3 €8.49
7digital: MP3 or FLAC £8.91
iTunes: M4A £7.11

The single from the second album, No More For Now, with the exclusive B side Junghian Archetypes.
Google Play: MP3 €1.98
7digital: MP3 or FLAC £1.98
iTunes: M4A £1.58

Robert Paul Corless has also published many unreleased tracks on his SoundCloud profile.
He has been promoting his releases with the new video Bre Head, which is actually an unreleased track.
Here's a video of the unreleased song Attachment Theory:

New compilation Propaganda out now!

20 Oct 2015
Gabrielles Wish have released Propaganda, a compilation of mostly unreleased electronic tracks.
Google Play: MP3 €10.99
7digital: MP3 or FLAC £11.88
iTunes: M4A $9.99

Here's the story behind this album:
After the passing of the band's label boss, mentor and friend, Rob Gretton, Gabrielles Wish decided to carry on. Andrew Robinson, who had replaced Gretton as New Order's manager, had set up a new record label called Pleasure Records. Although Bo Walsh (highly sought after session player having played with amongst many others Peter Hook and The Light, FreeBass, Finley Quaye ad Doves) had officially replaced Steve Paice at the drumkit, his prior touring commitments meant that when the band were approached by Robinson to put out an EP, the bands drummer wasn’t around to record with.
The electronic ambient ‘Manchester Suite EP’ was given its title after ‘Suite 16’, the studio owned by Hook where they had recorded the EP which positive reviews
The group moved on quickly after drummer Bo Walsh returned, leaving Pleasure Records and the dance tinged music behind, but not before recording an album's worth of material at Butterfly Music just after they’d got back from ‘Suite 16’ in 2002.
That album had remained on the shelf until now.
Why now?
Eromeda Records manager Dave Adams explains:
“About 18 months ago the label was approached by the producers of a London gangster movie called ‘Hackneys Finest’ to submit some material for inclusion on its soundtrack. Since the band had never appeared on a film soundtrack before, and they always like to do new things, they sent over ‘Get Up’, ‘If You Want’ and a track selected from the 2002 electronic sessions called ‘Pitch B’.
The track's use in the movie is very effective and it was this that prompted the band to re-consider the album they’d disregarded all those years before."

Here's a video of Dik, a song from those electronic sessions used on a previous compilation available on the official site for a very limited time and now included on Propaganda.


Back to the Discography

01 Jovial 05:52
02 Gringo 03:59 
03 Long Day 03:19 
04 Pip 03:55
05 Pitch B 05:22
06 Sunday 04:59
07 Daylight 06:43
08 Dik 03:58
09 0Ride 04:08
10 Escape To The Hills 03:57
11 Keep Smiling 04:34
12 I Need 03:54

Year: October 2015 
Total length; 54 min.
Label: Eromeda Records 
Code: EromD04
Format: digital album
Songwriting: Gabrielles Wish 
Produced, recorded and mixed by Gabrielles Wish at Butterfly Music, Manchester
Artwork: Smokeez Rox Dezines 
Note: All the tracks were recorded in 2002 during an electronica session for an album which should have followed the Manchester Suite EP.

Google Play: MP3 €10.99
7digital: MP3 or FLAC £11.88
iTunes: M4A $9.99

Gabrielles Wish headline Taste Festival and support Buzzcocks!

26 Sep 2015
Gabrielles Wish will headline the Friday night of Taste Festival on October 9th. The event will take place at the Klondyke Social Club in Burnage Range, Levenshulme, Manchester. Other bands playing include The Lonesome and Penniless Cowboys and Dub Vampire.

Gabrielles Wish will support the legendary Buzzcocks on Saturday October 10th at the O2 Manchester Apollo in Stockport Road, Ardwick Green.