The BandCamp Subscriber Series EP Vol. One

10 Jul 2015
Gabrielles Wish have made available exclusively for their BandCamp subscribers the Series EP Vol. One, including two totally unreleased tracks, an extremely rare and a live track. The only way to get the EP is to subscribe to their BandCamp page to get more free and exclusive downloads for just £5 a year. You'll get this EP free upon subscription! If you're already subscribed this EP will cost £1 only. If don't subscribe, no EP.
Drain was recorded for, but not used in the final track listing for the bands debut album 'Processed' and has remained unreleased.
Back in 2009 Gabrielles Wish were contemplating writing and recording a completely different kind of album to any they had ever recorded before, a stripped back acoustic based work. Many of the ideas were recorded and shows were even being discussed before the band decided to abandon the idea completely. Here We Are is an achingly tender ballad with wonderful harmonica provided by Mancunian artist and musician Mark Kennedy and has remained unreleased.
Charlie Girl was included on a tribute compilation CD in aid of the Butterfly Music and it hasn't been made available since the album sold out and has also never been given an iTunes release.
The version of Get Up included here is a blistering live version recorded on tour at the Sacred Trinity Church in Salford back in 2010.

Gabrielles Wish live: new date in Sheffield!

04 Jul 2015
Gabrielles Wish, fresh from recruiting new drummer Liam Farr, return onstage after a long wait.
New date at the Sheffield South Sea Live! 

11 Jul 2015 (Sat) BURY - Church Inn - 81 Bell Lane
26 Jul 2015 (Sun) SHEFFIELD - South Sea Live - 3 Spooner Road
30 Jul 2015 (Thu) MANCHESTER - The Witchwood - 152 Old Street
31 Jul 2015 (Fri) LINCOLN - Jolly Brewer - 27 Broadgate

Video for The Fallen

05 Jun 2015
Here's the video for The Fallen, the B side of the new Gabrielles Wish single, Indisposable Happiness.

Free, exclusive and discounted Gabrielles Wish music with the BandCamp subscription

02 Jun 2015
Gabrielles Wish have set up a subscription page on BandCamp.
Subscribe for only £5 per year and get ALL future releases for just 50% of the normal price. 
You'll also get ALL the past 8 singles FREE and access to exclusive rare recordings not available to non subscribers!

New album Hypnagogic delayed again!

29 May 2015
Gabrielles Wish are sorry to announce that, due to unforeseeable circumstances, the release of the new ablum Hypnagogic, which was scheduled for next Monday, has been delayed again, hopefully not for long.

New single Indisposable Happiness out now!

28 May 2015
Gabrielles Wish have released their new single Indisposable Happiness on Eromeda Records, with non-album track The Fallen as B side.

Buy on BandCamp (MP3 and high quality FLAC) only £1.50!

Unreleased Gabrielles Wish on the Hackney's Finest soundtrack!

11 Apr 2015
The original soundtrack of Hackney's Finest has been released on Hostage Music. Featuring tracks by artists like The Alabama 3, Si Begg and Chris Wise & The Hidden Revolution, it includes three tracks by Gabrielles Wish: Get Up, If You Want and most of all the totally unreleased Pitch B.
Get it on iTunes or Google Play.
An actual CD release is expected soon.

Indisposable Happiness

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01 Indisposable Happiness 03:11
02 The Fallen 07:24

Year: May 2015
Total length: 10:35
Label: Eromeda Records
Code: EromD01
Format: digital single
Songwriting: Gabrielles Wish
Production and engineering: Simon Ding Archer (01) and Gabrielles Wish (02)
Recording location: Butterfly, Manchester
Mixed and mastered at 6db Studios, Manchester
Artwork: Molly
Note: 02 is instrumental

Free stream and buy for only £1.50 on BandCamp!

01 Indesposable Happiness
You can be the crown of thorns that sits upon my head
I will be the light that shines upon your heart,
You can be the love that comes and brings me to my knees,
I will be the light that leads you to your bliss,
God loves a fool,
Christ knows im a fool,
You could be the blood of Christ that flows around my veins
I will be the breath of life that falls upon your flesh
You could be the death of me that brought me to my wake,
I will be the love of life that calls you to your time,
God loves a fool,
Christ knows im a fool,
You can be the crown of thorns that sits upon my head
I will be the sun that shines upon your heart,
You can be the love that comes and brings me to my knees,
I will be the light that leads you to your bliss

Hackney's Finest (original soundtrack)

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01 O' CONNELL AND LOVE - Like A Wave Breaks On A Rock
02 THE CASSETTES - Crocodile
04 TWIN BEATS - Gehdian (feat. Jaswinder Daghamia)
05 DULKES - Paskatinus Pirstas Hienom
06 ALABAMA 3 - Who The Fuck Is John Sinclair
08 THE FAYRE - Greenhouse
10 WHERE'S STRUTTER? - Mr Menace
11 12 DIRTY BULLETS - Keep Chancing
13 ALABAMA 3 - When The Whistle Blows
14 THE SONIC GENERALS - Down to Business (feat. Ashleigh Eymann & Ishkan Adrian Cree)
16 SI BEGG - Chasing Priestly
17 LEIGH OUTRAGE & TOMMY GUNN - Cocaine Raver (feat. MC Super X)
19 SI BEGG - The Warehouse
20 SUPER X & PERSUAZION - Obliterate

Year: 2015
Label: Hostage Music
Note: Get Up is taken from Cost One. If You Want from Circa. Pitch B is unreleased.
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